April Duff, Chairperson

April is a barrister, an LLM candidate in International Human Rights Law at UCD and a tutor in property law at UCD. Her main areas of interest are human rights and equality.


She co-founded Education Equality in 2015 to campaign against religious discrimination in schools. Coming from a human rights perspective, April believes that the rights to freedom of religion, equality and education require all State-funded schools to accept children of all beliefs on an equal basis and to ensure equal respect for all children and parents within the school environment. 


April is committed to removing all elements of religious discrimination from the education system.

Alex Layden, Treasurer

Alex is a barrister with an interest in human rights. He currently teaches law at the Honorable Society of the King's Inns, Griffith College Dublin and the Dublin Business School. He is a member of the Policy and Advocacy Committee of the National Youth Council of Ireland and is also a volunteer with the Free Legal Advice Centre, Finglas.


His interest in education equality stems from his firm belief that the continued integrity of the Irish education system can only be sustained by respecting the equal rights and dignity of all children in Ireland, irrespective of their parents’ religion.

Alison Moore, Communications Officer (social media)

Alison is a journalist and more recently a graduate of the Public Relations Institute of Ireland. A long-time believer that the church and State need to operate separately, she and her husband were determined that their daughters Hannah and Hazel would not face religious indoctrination when they entered school, despite pressures for a 'pragmatic baptism'.


Fortunately, her older daughter Hannah received a place in the local Educate Together school, but Alison remains passionate to offer whatever skills she has to the campaign to end the discrimination faced by the children of non-religious parents in Irish State-funded schools.

About us...

David Graham, Communications Officer (press)

David is a dad and freelance translator. When he moved house with his young family in 2014, he realised that he would be unable to live in his preferred area without his children facing religious discrimination at the point of access to local schools, and then receiving religious instruction against his own beliefs during the school day. David believes that religious practice and observance should be a choice rather than an obligation, and that our education system should be reformed to put parents, rather than religious institutions, in control of the instruction that their children receive at school.


Paddy Monahan, Policy Officer

Paddy is a dad and barrister.  He practised at the bar for some years and now works in-house.  In 2015 he created a petition to the Oireachtas Petitions Committee for the repeal of the law that allows over 96% of taxpayer-funded Irish schools to prioritise children in enrolment on the basis of religion.  The petition gathered over 20,000 signatures and was lodged with the committee in November 2015.


Paddy has organised several public events and demonstrations promoting equality in education and has appeared on many television and radio programmes.  He has written numerous articles on the topic for the Irish Times and the Guardian newspapers.  He is genuinely thrilled to be part of Education Equality and to meet so many kindred spirits.

Sarah Lennon, Governance Officer


Sarah became involved with Education Equality as the mother to a young, unbaptised son who faced the very real prospect that he would not gain access to a national school.

Sarah has an educational background in law and equality and has spent most of her career working in human rights and disability. Sarah has extensive experience in project management, governance, training & development, managing campaigns & communications.

Sarah has been a member of the Education Equality committee for three years and has previously held the positions of Events Officer & Chairperson.

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